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The number of patients traveling abroad to receive medical, rehabilitation, dental or eye treatment in the destination country has been increasing worldwide and a rather new business has come up: medical travel coordination.

Certificates for medical travel coordinators are already available on the international medical tourism market but do they provide evidence for quality, trustworthy and transparent medical travel coordination and pricing?

In our research we found that there is still a regulatory vacuum in the medical tourism market regarding medical travel service companies (medical travel coordinators, medical service coordinators, brokers, agencies, intermediates, etc.). The Temos standard for medical tourism companies strives to close the quality gap for patients between their home country and the accredited medical service providers in the destination country in case an intermediate (medical tourism company) is involved.

In parallel to the work on the standard and filling in the associated online questionnaire, the medital travel organization has to submit the following documents and evidences (excerpt):

1. References/testimonials from patients including contact data for verification
2. An overview (list) of applicable laws, references and regulations and respective translations to English and evidence on compliance with the regulations.
3. References and evidence for insurances, liability, and other applicable legal documents.
4. Policy on patient complaint management.
5. Published balance sheets of the last two years.
6. Evidence for legal registration of the company.

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