Certification for Medical Travel Coordinators

Stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your excellence by achieving Temos Certification for Medical Travel Coordinators!

Temos Certification is for facilitators who have an established track record in providing an excellent, seamless, end-to-end patient experience for their clients. It serves as a symbol of your commitment to a superior patient journey based on quality of care, patient safety, risk management, ethical standards, and more. Becoming certified builds trust and confidence in the services you offer in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. Read about the program’s prerequisites.


• Build market differentiation
• Increase revenue
• Grow patient loyalty
• Reduce costs & increase efficiency
• Enhance patient experience
• Access third party networks

Recognized for its global leadership role in improving the quality of clinical and non-clinical services provided by hospitals and clinics for domestic and international patients, the Temos certification process stands by its ten-year record of success. With the most comprehensive certification program available for medical travel coordinators, the collaborative process encourages clarity of business systems and processes along with further improvements through self-assessment as well as feedback and recommendations from our team of experienced assessors. Click here to download our brochure for medical travel coordinators.
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Temos certified medical travel coordinators receive unique benefits to build visibility, increase business, and enhance credibility including:

Access to Temos accredited hospitals and clinics
Membership to the Diplomatic Council
• Social media support from the Temos team
• Speaking and promotional opportunities

Developed by facilitators for facilitators, Temos’ certification requirements are specific, up-to-date, comprehensive, and industry-leading – designed to deliver the results you want. View our Comparison Chart to see for yourself.


Engaging in the Temos certification process is easy!

• Begin by creating a secure and private account, wait for your GDPR compliant login information, and provide simple information about your business.
• Receive your certification agreement and pay the initial fee.
• Your certification guidelines are provided to begin your self-assessment and fulfillment process with the help of the Temos team.
• When you are ready, submit your documentation for review by the Temos assessors who will make their certification decision.

Certification is valid for a period of three years. Annual updates and progress reports ensure that your business is maintaining its high standards. During this time, the Temos team is available to support your organization to achieve its goals. Click here for an overview of the certification process.

Curious about the cost of this certification program? Click here to access our Fee Calculator to estimate the professional fees for your medical travel concierge business. 

Click here to read what a difference Temos has made to some of our certified clients! Their testimonials demonstrate the value of our certification program.

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