Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of accreditation?

To (1) objectively assess, evaluate, and validate the quality of clinical and non-clinical services; (2) identify areas for improvement; and (3) optimize the quality of services, assuring a complete continuum of care.

How long does the accreditation process take?

The entire accreditation process takes between 4 to 12 months and depends on the speed of the Client’s self-assessment, assisted by Temos’ unique online tools

For how long is the accreditation valid?

Temos accreditation is valid for three years, when the re-accreditation process is started.

What are the costs of accreditation with Temos?

Accreditation fees average pennies per patient per day. The fees are based on the organization’s size and services. Modest annual fees are due at the end of years one and two of the three-year validity period. Direct expenses for assessors (travel & for onsite visit) are billed separately.

How is the accreditation process started?

The process is simple and convenient. Just call, email, or visit the Temos website to sign up.
You will be assigned a private, secure username and password to access the Temos Information Chart. Complete the Temos Information Chart to receive your free, no-obligation estimate of costs and expenses.

How does Temos compare with other accreditation programs?

Temos offers the widest variety of affordable options for all healthcare providers – small or large, public or private, serving domestic or international patients.


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