Prerequisites for Temos accreditation as a Medical Travel Coordinator

Temos accreditation is available to medical travel coordinators who have an established track record of working with patients for at least two years. The accreditation process relies on looking back over time to ensure the past and future health of the business itself as well as verify the continuum of services it provides.

Each facilitator organization is required to confirm that it:

• Has been in business for at least two complete fiscal years;
• Is registered and in compliance with the laws and regulations of its home country;
• Offers a complete array of services from pre-travel to post-discharge follow-up;
• Operates the business using the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) model; and
• Has a Code of Ethics in place that is used in its operations.

Temos may add additional requirements to ensure that the highest standards are being required and maintained. Once the accreditation process has started, the applicant will be asked to provide information and/or documentation to confirm compliance with these prerequisites.

Not sure if your business qualifies? Or have questions about these prerequisites or other aspects of the accreditation program? Contact Temos HQ now: +49 2204 426480 or e-mail. Or look for your Regional Office here