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temos international healthcare accreditation - (tiha) standards


TIHA standards purpose is to neutrally assess, evaluate and validate the quality of medical and non-clinical services, 

to identify potential for improvement and to optimize medical quality as well as quality of services in the applying organization with

the overall aim to assure continuum of care for patients.

Applying organizations receive the complete set of standards after the order has been placed and 

the accreditation process has been started. 


TIHA develops, reviews, and updates its standards based on current science, best practice, input from external

experts with specific knowledge, stakeholders, and user feedback from applying and accredited organizations 

worldwide as well as from the Temos international assessors and following the set of principles for the development  

of health and social care standards of the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) in its current version. 

 All Temos Accreditation Programs and respective standards cover the international standards for patient and staff

safety, governance, leadership, quality management, and others as published by ISQua, WHO, CDC, ECDC, JCI,

ECRI, IHI, and others. The Temos Accreditation Standards also consider new topics in international medicine and

international patient management where evidence about effectiveness and improved outcomes has been published.

In addition, the Temos Accreditation Standards include the United Nations sustainability goals where applicable to healthcare. 

Depending on the content of the standards to be developed or reviewed, the respective teams are put together to

achieve the best possible outcome. 

Temos International Governing Body has the overall authority and responsibility for approving the TIHA standards

used by Temos International. 

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Interested organizations can apply to TIHA by completing our Temos online questionnaire for the appropriate

accreditation program. To get an account to the online questionnaire start your application here.

Click here to see the accreditation roadmap.

Your contribution to our TIHA standards

Temos International is fully committed to continuous review of our standards. We value your feedback and

welcome any comments your may have to help improve our standards and services.

Please email us your feedback at info@temos-international.com or use our contact form.

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