Temos Academy

…Making knowledge on best practice in international patient management accessible…

Professional and academic education and training through application-oriented educational formats and programs.

Temos Academy 2016: trainings, seminars, forums

Our training programs, seminars, and workshops give an overview about the complete processing of the non-medical services before, during and after treatment in the own hospital and in cooperation with referrers from other countries in compliance with international ethical, medical and economical requirements.

Temos training sessions are interactive and are meant to create active participation and collaboration by those participating. Our training programs are individually designed programs to meet your demands regarding content, budget, and time constraints, and can include onsite in-house medical tourism training or medical tourism training at the Temos headquarters. Customized training sessions can range from four hours workshops giving an overview about medical tourism to 3 days seminars of intensive medical tourism training.

04 and 05 May, 2016, Cali, Colombia in cooperation with Cali Chamber of Commerce, innpulsa, Geomedical, and funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research:
Best practice in international patient management and medical tourism.

13 May, Medellin, Colombia in cooperation with Medellin Chamber of Commerce:
The international patient

03 August 2016, Teheran, Iran in cooperation with Sarir Salamat Maham:
International quality standards in medical tourism

13 September 2016, Moscow, Russia in cooperation with the Russian Healthcare Travel Council: First international medical tourism forum

Two colleagues from Suez Canal Container Terminal Clinic, a first aid clinic for employees and expatriates, visited Temos International Headquarters in March 2017 for a two days training on quality management and international patient management which was successfully completed by handing over the certificate of attendance.

3 to 5 December 2017, Düsseldorf, Germany:
8th International Temos Conference on healthcare abroad and medical tourism

Student education and research

  • Internship/work experience for students
  • Project/bachelor/master thesis in cooperation with the student’s university
  • Guest lectureships