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Career development for healthcare professionals

With the increasing demand for quality healthcare services around the world, there has also been a rising need for healthcare professionals to receive comprehensive training to enhance their skills and expertise. With a long-standing reputation as a trusted source for healthcare accreditation and quality management, Temos International has been repeatedly approached by industry professionals seeking educational opportunities.

In 2023, Temos International established Temos Academy, a robust knowledge center that is the organization’s educational wing. It offers online or in-person courses and seminars aimed at helping medical providers not just maintain, but in many cases raise, their standards in order to earn international accreditations and improve their ability to provide outstanding care to patient

Built on the foundations of Temos International, Temos Academy is a knowledge-sharing platform that provides high-quality, multidisciplinary courses to healthcare organizations and interested individuals looking to improve their knowledge and skills.

Temos Academy works with people from all around the healthcare sector. Our training programs and consulting services are designed for a range of professionals including Accreditation Experts, Assessors, Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists & Dentists, Hospital Directors & Healthcare Administrators, Case Managers & Customer Care Specialists, and Risk, Safety, & Quality Control Officers.

We also offer customized basic programs for students just entering the world of medicine, or individuals who are simply interested in healthcare standards.

Temos Academy collaborates with Colleges & Universities, Public Hospitals & Clinics, Private Healthcare Providers, Institutes & Foundations, Small Practices, and Individuals.

Temos Academy offers a range of services for professionals and academic education

We offer training programs, seminars, and workshops that give a comprehensive overview of processing non-medical services before, during, and after treatment.

Continuing Education Courses
Flexible e-learning programs or in-person workshops for continuing education in healthcare, with a specialty in training on accreditation standards

Professional Certification Programs
Career-aligned training programs taught by expert healthcare-accreditation instructors to help you bolster your credentials, apply your knowledge, and showcase your skills for employers

Corporate Training Programs
We offer tailor made training programs designed specifically to address the needs of your organisation and help you achieve your goals

Consulting Services
Bespoke consulting and advisory services to help organisations achieve required standards, enhance efficiency, and maximise their chance of success

For more information on how to customize courses for your organization or individual personnel, or to sign up for the Temos Academy Newsletter, please visit Temos Academy online or email at contact@temos-academy.com.

Temos academy leadership team

Dr. Claudia Mika
Temos International, Founder & CEO

Email: c.mika@temos-international.com

Nadya Kalwa
Temos Academy, Executive Director

Email: n.kalwa@temos-worldwide.com


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