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adamantio dental center / Cyprus

"The Temos process done correctly can change the culture of your organization where each department thinks of improvements in their field that will positively affect the whole organization. Doing it correctly is a total management commitment."

Cyprus, September 27, 2017
Paul Watts
Quality Control & Marketing Manager

Website Adamantio Dental Center

Clinica de occidente / Colombia

"Temos accreditation experience was amazing; it was a process based in respect, truth, and support. It was not only an evaluation process but an exchange of ideas, practices, and knowledge. We know it was the first time Temos Assessors came to the American Continent especially South America and especially our beautiful country Colombia which we highly appreciated that we received people that did not have preconceived views but were open to understanding our culture, barriers, and difficulties. We embraced them as Colombians too and know that they will also be ambassadors of our country around the world."

Cali, September 6, 2018
Dr. Maria Cecilia Aponte
Dir, Internacional

Website Clinica de Occidente

Cosmodent dental clinic


"Working with Temos is always an inspiration"

April 15, 2019
Karolina Gyarmathy
Quality Management

Website Cosmodent

creta interclinic / greece

"Excellent team work.
Excellent acknowledge of the health services."

December 27, 2017
⁢Panagiotis Charkiolakis
⁢Administration Manager

Website Creta InterClinic

Deutsche Assistance service GmbH / germany

"Assistance companies such as Deutsche Assistance Service GmbH require up to date and detailed information regarding worldwide medical services. This is why Deutsche Assistance relies on the Temos lnternational's certification program in order to find certified and quality medical providers.

As an independent certification body, Temos lnternational focuses on
important criteria such as quality, cost, and treatment guidelines. The process is transparent, clear, and regularly checked and updated.
Naturally, organizations that are certified by Temos lnternational are preferred above all other facilities.

This helps build a relationship of trust, thusly medical facilities certified by Temos lnternational are more likely to be recommended to the customers of Deutsche Assistance Service GmbH. In addition to increasing the number of patients allocated to them, Temos lnternational certified medical facilities receive direct access to Deutsche Assistance Service GmbH to negotiate individual contracts to the advantage of all involved.

Deutsche Assistance Service GmbH views this service as essential and looks forward to a productive future cooperating with Temos lnternational."


Düsseldorf, 01 January 2017
Rudolf Lorenz
Head of medical department

Website Deutsche Assistance Service 

Egypt In-Touch Assistance / Egypt

"During the routine daily operation of assistance companies like Egypt In-Touch Assistance, it is always crucial to answer the questions like: Is this or that medical facilities capable of handling and managing the medical problem of our patient? Can we rely on their infrastructure, medical team, …etc? Do we have to leave our patient there or better to evacuate him?

As the majority of our clients are foreigners and expats, either in emergency conditions as ordinary travelers or coming for medical tourism, the most important question is: Are they able to communicate in a professional manner with the international patients considering all aspects e.g. culture, language, religion, traditions …etc ? Not only during the course of treatment but even post treatment follow up.

Although we regularly do the medical network assessment, the need of an international, well-known and reliable quality system is still present. We found that in Temos International.

Temos International has a solid and a continuously updated quality system that covers all our worries and answers the above questions in addition to a very reliable and clear process which considers most of our partners and clients' needs.

In Egypt, I will go for these mandatory solutions that improve the quality atmosphere of our medical facilities that covers about 95 million citizens and more than 10 million tourists coming every year.

Temos accredited medical facilities will be recommended by Egypt In-Touch Assistance as a reliable facilities which gives not only us but our partners and patients a peace of mind.

Egypt In-Touch Assistance and its team are looking forward to a have a fruitful cooperation with Temos International in Egypt."

Hurghada, February 15, 2017
Dr. Asaad M. Riad
General Manager

Website Egypt In-Touch Assistance

Eurodentica specialized dental care / greece

"Since our first TEMOS certification, we have been able to change many processes in our Dental Clinic. TEMOS has helped us enormously in achieving higher quality dentistry."

December 7, 2017
Minos Kouvelas
Quality Control Manager

Website Eurodentica Specialized Dental Care

Firstmed services / Germany
Dental Travel / Swiss

“During the assessment process I have to check all my internal processes - it is very helpful for our productivity and for the quality of customer care. Without the Temos standards, I couldn't develop my Quality Management System so easily. I also really appreciate the regular control during the re-certification.”

March 4, 2019
Eszter Jopp
Founder and CEO

Website FirstMed Services

Global Doctor Chongqing Medical Center / China

"Temos is a high standard quality management system, with this, the facility can have a clear
guideline on how to define and implement and improve them, and finally get fullfilled."

September 5, 2018
Christoo Wu
Marketing and Temos coordinator⁢⁢

Website GD Chongqing Medical Center

Global Dental specialist clinic / malaysia

“Temos assessment process has been very helpful and highlighted to us the areas for improvement and to excel in order to provide best service and management for our international patients.

Dr. Claudia Mika has been a wonderful host, and supportive along the process by giving constructive comments and guidance for a high-quality documentation and practice standards.”

October 4, 2017
Dr. Sharifah Fauziah Alhabshi
Chairwoman of Global Doctors Group, Global Doctors Dental Specialist Clinic


global doctor Guangzhou medical center / china

"Very professional certification for high-medical quality standard."

Guangzhou, October 18, 2017

Head nurse

Website GD Guangzhou Medical Center

Global Doctor Nanjing East Clinic (Xianlin) / China

"I would like to recommend Temos to some local hospitals here."

September 25, 2017
Maxim Hua
Clinic Manager

Website GD Nanjing Xianlin Medical Center

hd-dental clinic / Hungary

"I recommend Temos services.
Temos helps the clinic to set better standards to provide the best treatments to patients."

March 21, 2018
Dr. Frank Kannmann
Clinic Owner

Website HD.Dental Clinic

IASO Group 

"I am very glad I had recently the opportunity to read and have a personal opinion about the new TEMOS International Healthcare Accreditation (TIHA) Standard – Quality in International Patient Care, v.1.0 – 2018. The new Standard is very easy to read and to understand, with no need of further interpretation and explanation, even for no quality experts. It is also well structured and grouped in Chapters and Sections that will facilitate a lot the effectiveness of implementation of the requirements by the Healthcare Organizations, especially for difficult concepts as the one of “Governance”. The added value of the Standard comes also from the overall philosophy behind the easiness of preparation by the Healthcare Organizations regarding the “self-evaluation” and the supporting materials and tools, during the essential and time consuming period before the Accreditation Audits. In general, all the former characteristics are rare for an accreditation Quality Standard.

I strongly believe that this new Standard will be very effective in its’ implementation by the Healthcare Organizations worldwide and for this reason it will facilitate effectively the implementation of the new Accreditation Scheme of TEMOS."

December 24, 2018
⁢Nikolaos Vamvakaris 
⁢Quality Assurance Director of IASO Group 

Website IASO Group

Institute of Life - IASO Group / Greece

"In the middle of 2015, IASO Maternity hospital and especially the IVF Unit of IASO “Institute of Life” IoLife, decided to be certified according to the “Quality in International Reproductive Care” TEMOS standard for the IVF Units, because we believe it is a strong management and marketing tool. We knew that we had to put a lot of effort but we were certain that at the end of the day we would have a sustainable management tool for the IVF Unit “IoLife”.

After 4 months of hard work, “IoLife” was certified by TEMOS at the end of 2015. This certification inspires “trust” to internal and external interested parties. There is a strong control through the TEMOS very strict specifications and requirements and a demand for high level competence for the personnel and the doctors.

At the end of the day we also enjoyed a lot, this new journey to quality. The detailed TEMOS standard in “Quality in International Reproductive Care” and the examination process was proven to be successful along with the nice discussions during the audit and the first annual surveillance, after 1,5 years of implementation. The Temos assessors were always very polite, supportive, strict, informative and explanatory and were giving answers to all of our questions. In this way we had a constructive feedback on our infrastructure and personnel SOPs and practices, improving communication between all the interested parties, not only for the requirements of the improvement of the already established Quality Management System but also for the provision of even higher quality level of the daily work."

Athens, February 16, 2017

Themis Mantzavinos                Nikolaos Vamvakaris
Medical Director                       Quality Assurance Manager
IASO IVF Iolife                         of IASO Group

Website Institute of Life

marm assistance

"lt has been almost 6 years that marmassistance is following the constructive development of TEMOS.
This has been an educative as well as a pleasant platform to meet dedicated people who believe in quality management and dedication for improvement in medical treatment and related activities.

Quality is a perceptive value which varies according to the standards of different components. Standard of living, level of education, social and environmental values. human factors and more. Therefore. a
standardization of the services given and coordination of the stakeholders for the benefit of the end user has now gained the utmost attention of the participants.

TEMOS, brought the service providers together, aiming for an understandable and applicable standardization of the health care services in different cultures and countries. The harmonious work and clusters among the health care service providers and the expansion each year are a sound proof of this success. 

While the hospitals and the clinics play a crucial role in treatment abroad and medical tourism, there are many links to success in this chain. The travel, accommodation, transfers, the family of the patient, cost containment and more, which can if not only, but best covered by assistance companies. 

marm is an assistance company with the headquarters in Istanbul, assisting global partners throughout the world, for over 30 years. The success of marm in assistance services is blendering the local know-how and expertise and the region with the global expectations of her partners.

While listening to different cultures and applications from the partners globally, marm provides the accumulated experience and
know-how of the region to her partners. This mutual understanding and cooperation have been quite successful. In other words, the missing links of the hospital, insurance, and traveller is covered by
assistance companies where marm is the pioneer and the leader of these services in Turkey.

Having seen this role and spoken to our partners from the Global Travel lnsurance as well as the hospitals in Turkey and the Middle East region that marm do serve in different service segments. marm
- as an assistance and high-quality service provider- would like to commit herself to the Temos certification programs and the Temos Alliance initiative. TEMOS, by adding "assistance companies to the travellers' medicine and medical travel chain will take the quality assessment level to higher standards. A positive work, needed for the industry."


Istanbul, March 14, 2017

Dr. Mustafa Atac
Founder and CEO

Website Marm Assistance


"TEMO's Certification is identified for the most competitive advantage through a certificate that focuses on medical tourists and foreign patients."

May 31, 2018
Angelos Papadopoulos
⁢⁢Secreterial Office Supervisor & Quality Coordinator

Website Mediterraneo Hospital

MD medicus holding / Germany

"Large assistance companies like MD Medicus use the Temos information system to find certified and quality checked hospitals, clinics and other medical services providers worldwide.

In principle, Temos certified hospitals are being preferred to non-certified facilities because quality and treatment costs are transparent.

Furthermore, Temos certified medical facilities receive direct access to MD Medicus to negotiate individual contracts also to the advantage of patients and costs beares. Thus, hospitals, clinics and other medical service providers have the opportunity to increase the number of patients allocated to them.

MD Medicus looks forward to further cooperating with Temos."


Ludwigshafen, 19. April 2011
Frank Ratzlaff
President MD Medicus Holding GmbH

Website MD Medicus Holding

Reproductive Health Clinic "Eco" / Russia

"We started work long before the onsite visit, the certification helps us to work out the universal standards for our services resulting in their quality and safety improvement. Temos certification process has changed the clinic both internally and externally so that we achieved the higher medical service level."

June 5, 2018
Dr. Elena Piliagina

Website Reproductive Health Clinic "ECO"

Samara Regional Clinical Oncology Dispenary / Russia

"The TEMOS certification provides the opportunity for medical institutions to improve the quality of medical services and reach a new level in medical care."

June 21, 2018
⁢Dr. Taisija Podusova
⁢Quality director, Deputy chief physician for clinical and expert work

Website Samara Regional Clinicial Oncology Dispensary

Special hospital for medical rehabilitation Stubicke Toplice / Croatia

"Becoming a Temos certified partner as a proof of quality and excellence for our employees, services and facility will be encouragement for us to continue to work on quality of service for our
and international patients. Temos team has provided us an excellent quality management and support in that process."

May 23, 2018
⁢Kresimir Skof
Master of lawa, Vice director

Website Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation Stubicke Toplice

St. Luke's Medical Center / Philippines

"The Temos Certification process guided us properly and appropriately in addressing the specific needs of our international patients. The process of certification and recommendations that followed was a truly learning experience and had the opportunity to further improve our policies, procedures and processes that made it definitely better for our international patients.

As much as our quality processes are in place, we overlook little details that was brought to our attention and given the direction towards improvement by the very professional Temos accreditors. It likewise provided us insights and knowledge into the European standards of quality and patient safety."

Global City, February 14, 2017
Dr. Alejandro Dizon
Vice President and Quality Patient Safety Officer
St. Luke's Medical Center

Website St. Luke's Medical Center

suez canal container terminal - first aid clinic

We are so proud that we worked with your respected side.

You help us to approach what we reached to. We will work continuously to sustain what we achieved.

- It was very useful, beneficial & valuable trial

- Was an excellence job

- The provided support was highly appreciated

- Sharing the information and apply "No secrets principles" was one of the most things we do appreciate

Big thanks for your efforts and support to get the current level is our lifestyle.

Port Said, January 31, 2018
SCCT - HSE-Health tea,
Walid Metwally
Head of HSSE

Zante medical care


Thank you the knowledge that you provide to our company. It is exactly the provisional need for a healthcare provider.

Zakynthos, March 3, 2018
Dimitrios Angelou
Chief Marketing Officer

Website Zante Medical Care