Temos Standards



The Temos accreditation aims to neutrally assess, evaluate and validate the quality of medical and non-clinical services, identify the potential for improvement, and optimize medical quality and service quality in the Applying Organization with the overall aim of ensuring a continuum of care for patient

Applying organizations receive the complete set of standards after the order has been placed and the accreditation process has been started.


Temos International Healthcare Accreditation is committed to ensuring that all Temos standards and accompanying documents and tools are revised on a regular basis to ensure that they remain current and reflect international best practices.

The Temos Standards Development process is divided into four main phases following the “Plan – Do – Check – Act” principles. Depending on the content of the standards to be developed or reviewed, the respective teams are put together to achieve the best possible outcome. Temos International Governing Body has the overall authority and responsibility for approving the Temos standards used by Temos International.

All Temos Accreditation Programs and respective standards cover the international standards for patient and staff safety, governance, leadership, quality management, and others as published by ISQua, WHO, CDC, ECDC, ECRI, IHI, and others. The Temos Accreditation Standards also consider new topics in international medicine and international patient management where evidence about the effectiveness and improved outcomes has been published.
In addition, the Temos Accreditation Standards include the United Nations sustainability goals where applicable to healthcare, and have specific standards for telemedicine and teleconsultation services.

Depending on the content of the standards to be developed or reviewed, the respective teams are put together to
achieve the best possible outcome.


As part of the Temos customer care management, all customers are requested to provide feedback concerning their experience with the Temos accreditation program. This request is done by means of Customer Feedback which includes a part dedicated to the feedback on the standards.

In addition, all Temos assessors are requested to provide feedback by means of the Assessors’ Feedback provided to all team members after every onsite visit. Information provided by customers and assessors is evaluated on a monthly basis, forwarded to the standards development team, and presented to the Temos Assessors’ Advisory Board during the quarterly board meetings. Evaluation results are also used for assessors’ training. In case the feedback provided is a complaint, the Temos complaint management process is initiated.

Please email us your feedback at info@temos-international.com.