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No other service offers you the unique business solutions that Temos does. Here is how.

Temos created the only one of its kind patient-centered accreditation program designed to meet the specific needs of reproductive health practices and clinics to deliver better results. Temos takes into consideration all the aspects of reproductive care – up-to-date technology, qualified staff, and the complete patient experience. We help improve your overall services, not just your laboratory.

Similar to your holistic approach to patient care, Temos accreditation is a complete guide to reviewing and improving clinical quality management, patient and staff safety, patient experience management, effective communication, and more. Comprehensive yet culturally sensitive, Temos works with you to improve your healthcare practices in ethical and transparent methods.
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Our affordable accreditation programs are designed to help you and your team perform more effectively and efficiently. With our exclusive on-line tools, your team will be seamlessly guided through the self-assessment process without the added expense of hiring consultants. And if you discover that you need extra help, Temos experts are ready to answer your questions – at no extra cost. Curious about the cost of these accreditation programs? Click here to access our Fee Calculator to estimate the professional fees for your services.

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Your benefits

Working together with Temos, accreditation delivers results for your organization, your staff, your patients, and you.


  • Increase revenue
  • Grow patient loyalty
  • Improve care management
  • Reduce costs & increase efficiency
  • Enhance patient experience
  • Build market differentiation
  • Access third party networks 

Developed by experts in reproductive care along with professionals in healthcare quality, Temos’ standards are specialty-specific, up-to-date, comprehensive, and industry-leading. Isn’t it time to explore how accreditation can transform your business?

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Temos brings the best global practices to your front door for each and every individual seeking treatment. Explore our two program options – “Quality in Reproductive Care” or “Excellence in International Reproductive Care” – to choose the program that is best for you.

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