Community Pharmacy Services Accreditation

Managing today’s community pharmacy is increasingly complex especially in the production, storage, distribution and use of medicines. Avoiding quality errors, maintaining the chain of distribution, detecting counterfeit products, and coordinating care while integrating technology are only some of the challenges. Temos recognizes these and other evolving changes to community pharmacies.
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Temos has developed specialized accreditation standards for community pharmacies according to WHO/FIP Good Pharmacy Practice guidelines as well as the practical experience and in consultation with pharmacy experts. Temos accreditation supports the role of pharmacists to encourage appropriate use of medicines, healthy lifestyles, and disease prevention while improving the day-to-day operations of community pharmacies. View our Comparison Chart to see for yourself.

Its specialized accreditation standards can:

  • Increase revenue 
  • Improve rational use 
  • Enhance and standardize systems & processes 
  • Reduce costs & increase efficiency 
  • Enhance the pharmacist-client relationship 
  • Grow customer loyalty 
  • Build market differentiation 
  • Access third party networks

Temos accreditation standards are specific, up-to-date, comprehensive, and industry-leading.

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