Quality in International Eye Care
Excellence in Eye Tourism

Developed in 2006, the Temos Quality Systems and Temos Quality Criteria and Standards were designed to optimize the management of domestic and international patients in healthcare facilities worldwide.
In 2015 Temos developed together with specialists from ophthalmology medicine and quality management the Temos “Quality in International Eye Care” program. This quality program focuses on general international state of the art treatment, medical care, and management of patients receiving ophthalmological therapeutic and diagnostic services, but has also implemented the requirements and needs of international patients travelling for cross-border eye treatment.

Feedback and review of the Temos Quality Systems were also provided by experts and professionals with long-standing expertise who have worked for QHA-Trent, EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management), ISO (International Organization for Standardization), JCI (Joint Commission International) and local as well as national accreditation bodies.

In addition to adopting accreditation requirements and quality management for domestic as well as international patients, Temos “Excellence in International Eye Care” accredited organizations are able to meet the demands of domestic and international patients and provide special services to medical tourists. In addition, Temos accredited organizations are able to meet the requirements of pension funds, social security funds or similar in areas including documentation, billing, and accounting.


Temos International is the first international accreditation organization offering specialized accreditation programs - one size does not fit all!

And that is not all: with a dedicated chapter for "sustainability in healthcare" Temos International comply its uniqueness. Taking care of patients = taking care of the environment. And it makes a good financial sense - a Temos benefit!

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