Temos Dental Standards Accredited by ISQua/IEEA

Temos Dental Standards Accredited by ISQua/IEEA

Temos Dental Standards Accredited by ISQua/IEEA

Temos Dental Standards Accredited by ISQua/IEEA
Four New Accreditation Options Designed by Dentists for Dentists

30 July 2019, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany: Global accreditation leader, Temos International, announced the accreditation of its dental standards by the prestigious International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua now IEEA). Developed in consultation with dental professionals, the ISQua accredited Temos Dental Standards offer tailored options for private practices, dental clinics, and dental hospitals to improve the quality of care for domestic as well as international patients.

The Temos Dental Standards includes two programs, “Quality in International Dental Care” and “Excellence in Dental Tourism” and consist of four sets of standards tailored to the particular place and type of dental services. Because no accreditation type fits everyone, the Temos Dental Standards include distinct standards for Dental Hospitals and Dental Clinics & Practices, acknowledging that these settings are different.

“The Temos ‘Quality in International Dental Care’ program is a choice for clinics & practices which want to elevate their clinical and non-clinical services to the highest international standards. Independent confirmation from Temos demonstrates this commitment to their clients and patients as well as to their staff”, explains Dr. Claudia Mika, CEO of Temos. “With these newly accredited, comprehensive options, dental centers anywhere in the world can tailor the options that best suit the patients they serve and the settings where they provide those services”.

Dr. Mika adds: “We are very proud of the ISQua / IEEA’s surveyors’ feedback which validated the Temos approach to include cultural diversity, because one size does not fit all. The surveyors also highlighted our detailed infection prevention and control standards as exceptional.”

ISQua and its International External Evaluation Association (IEEA) are known as the “Accreditor of Accreditors” and recognized as the gold standard for global accrediting organizations such as Temos. It is the second time this year that Temos has been awarded IEEA accreditation for its programs. Earlier this year, IEEA accredited Temos programs “Quality in International Patient Care” for hospitals and clinics worldwide as well as its “Excellence in Medical Tourism” standards for international patient care. Temos continues to improve and transform its accreditation programs to offer the very highest healthcare standards.

With the launch of the IEEA-accredited dental programs, Temos adds to its reputation as an innovator setting standards for quality, patient safety, risk management, and the patient experience. Among its list of firsts with these tailored IEEA-accredited dental programs, Temos is the first international accreditation organization to create standards specifically for international patients, also known as dental tourists and medical tourists. It continues to raise the requirements for accreditation, adding value for its clients, their patients, and the governments, insurance companies, Embassies and Consulates, and other businesses that rely upon Temos quality.

Founded in 2010, Temos accredits hospitals and clinics, dental services, IVF clinics, physical rehabilitation services, and eye care clinics as well as medical travel coordinators (“facilitators”) or medical concierge services. With clients on five continents, the company is experiencing exciting growth and anticipates that ISQua/IEEA accreditation will increase confidence in the marketplace and accelerate its growth.

For more information about Temos International Healthcare Accreditation, contact:
Ms. Barbel Prokop, at, +49 2204 42648 11, or visit the Temos website.

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