Our accreditation programs

Temos has been specializing in international patient management and respective services since 2005. We are the only accreditation body worldwide assessing and validating the quality of medical service providers from the international patient and medical traveller perspective and based on “Quality Made/Med in Germany”

For hospitals, clinics and primary care

Hospitals and clinics

The aim of this quality program is to validate and optimize the hospital’s medical and non-clinical services for international patients within the hospital and for the post-treatment and discharge procedures.

Primary care facilities

(incl. medical centres, outpatient centres, etc.) play an important role in the treatment of travellers, tourists, expatriates, or residents since most for the medical problems of this group of patients can be resolved by primary care facilities.


for dental practices and clinics

For dental practices and clinics that intend to treat or already focus on dental tourists.

The aim of this accreditation program is to validate and optimize the dental clinic’s medical and non-clinical services for medical tourists including the complete patients’ care cycle before travelling abroad, at the dental clinic and for the post-treatment and post-discharge procedures including the follow-up.


For Rehabilitation facilities

Quality program for:

• Acute care hospitals with rehabilitation facilities
• Rehabilitation centres for in- and outpatient rehabilitation
• Rehabilitation centres for in-patient rehabilitation
• Rehabilitation centres for out-patient rehabilitation


For reproductive clinics and centers

For healthcare organizations that offer Crossborder Reproductive Care (CBRC) and Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART).


For eye clinics and centers

For eye clinics that covers all modern eye care methodologies and treatments.


for medical travel providers

For medical tourism companies (facilitators, medical travel coordinator, etc.) that provide services for patients that seek medical treatment abroad.


You are not sure which accreditation program is the best for you? Please get in contact with us. We will be pleased to advise you to find the right program for your organization.