Temos team

Dr. Hashem AlFadel / jordan 

B.S., MBA, Ph.D. | Medical, Quality assessor | Temos Office Jordan

  • Temos assessor since 2011
  • Temos Regional Office director for the Middle East, Jordan, KSA, Bahrain, and Lebanon, 2010- present
  • First Chairman of Temos Assessors Advisory Board for 8 years and vice-chairman for 2 years until Dec. 2022
  • ISQUA EEA certified surveyor for International healthcare accrediting bodies 2021-present
  • Founding Chairman of the Board for Middle East Academy for Special Education, Jordan 2004-present
  • Vice-Chairman, Board of Healthcare Sector, The Arab Trainers Union, Arab League, 2019-January 2021
  • Founding Board member, V chair, a stakeholder of Istiklal Hospital, and Chairman of quality council 2000 – 2021
  • Chairman of Jordanian Special needs and rehab association, 2017- 2021
  • First Chairman (formerly) of Saudi Biomedical Engineering Club/Association, 1992-1996
  • Charter member of American College of Clinical Eng. (ACCE) 1995-1996
  • Worked for GE Healthcare-MEA, King Faisal Specialist Hospital-KSA, Project Hope-US/China, Memorial Hosp.-US.
  • Certified as: Temos assessor, ISQUA surveyor, JCI surveyor, QHA Trent surveyor, green belt Six Sigma, and CCE.
  • Ph. D, MBA, BSBE, Biomedical Eng. and healthcare management from Universities of Illinois, Indiana, Washington
  • Served as a Consultant for Temos, JCI, QHA Trent, National HTA, Jordan FDA, and USAID
  • Consultant for hospitals in KSA, Jordan, and UAE

International experience
USA, UK, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Jordan, KSA, Egypt, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Thailand, China, Malaysia

Laila AlJassmi / UAE 

Regional Office UAE, Oman, Qatar

Laila AlJassmi is the former CEO of the Health Policy and Strategy sector at Dubai Health Authority (DHA). She was responsible for the development of the policy and legislation for the health system in the Emirate of Dubai driven by the Dubai Strategic Plan (DSP) 2015. to assure that Dubai develops a world-class health system, high-quality public health, and healthcare service provision.

She has extensive knowledge of the healthcare systems, health reforms, strategic direction, planning, and delivery of healthcare services and lead the Dubai medical tourism initiative which was started in 2012 to place Dubai on the world health tourism map. Laila is a graduate of the College of Allied Health Science and Nursing at Kuwait University and in 2007 secured her master's in Executive Healthcare Administration from Zayed University.

Also, she is a graduate of the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid leadership program in 2003. She has been awarded certificates of appreciation including the Dubai Government Excellence Award (distinguish employee 2009) and the Sheikh Rashid Award for Scientific Outstanding (2008). She was also awarded the Feigenbaum Excellence Leadership Award for Women's leaders in 2011.

Dr. Ali Anbori / Iraq 

Temos Office Iraq

Dr. Ali Anbori is the founder and CEO of International Consultants (IC), a consultancy firm based in Baghdad. IC represents a blend of traditions with modernity to serve the community and contribute to the development of government, private, and civil Institutions through various activities and services in health, education, economic, social, and cultural sectors.

Dr. Ali Anbori is a medical graduate with Ph.D. in Health Services Management. He is a multi-discipline professional worked in different local and international organizations like UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA, GTZ, British Council, and the World Bank. He has vast experience in the health and education sectors as well as Child Protection, M&E, and R&D among other things. He worked as Health Consultant for the Iraqi parliament from 2007 to 2010 and lecturer at Alkindi Medical College with the main focus on quality in healthcare services and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Joyce Cheng / china 

Temos Office China

Cheng Nan (Joyce), completed her Master's degree at HTW Chur University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland. She has over 12 years of working experience in the medical marketing & health tourism industry, including organizing overseas health travels, and marketing for wellness resorts and clinics. She is willing to introduce Temos to the Chinese market and build close connections for the Chinese health & medical industry.

Sevda Civelek / Türkiye 

Temos Office Türkiye

Sevda Civelek graduated from Istanbul University Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing and completed her MBA at Beykent University. She worked for more than 22 years as a manager in the fields of health insurance, marketing, sales, and healthcare for international insurance companies, cooperating with hospitals, clinics, and dental clinics. Also, she has experience working in hospitals and the medical tourism industry.

Ghazi Darghouth / Tunisia  

Temos Office Tunisia

Ghazi Darghouth is an influential Strategy and Management MBA-level professional with extensive experience driving long-term business success and profit growth through the identification and development of high potential new market opportunities within the education and health sector.

Launched a profitable training and HR consulting company within the healthcare sector fulfilling a real need in delivering specialized medical education services for Tunisian hospitals and pharmaceutical industries and providing them with the expertise to ameliorate their workforce performance and improve their competitiveness internationally. Developed business model and strategy drawing upon strong expertise in another sector.
Advised companies in a wide range of issues involving their workforce (developing job descriptions and skills guide, setting up career plans, implementing HR policies and procedures, conducting recruitment process outsourcing missions.
Implemented the first private medical simulation platform in Tunisia and established a partnership with the French Medical University “Paris Descartes”
Listed among the 100 business personalities that made things move forward in Tunisia by the magazine “ENTREPRISES” (2015)
Chosen among the Tunisian business success stories during the event Tunisia 2020 by the magazine “JEUNE AFRIQUE”.

Canan Emre / Germany 

Temos Headquarters, Customer Care

Canan Emre completed her law studies at the University of Bielefeld. She then completed her training in business administration and international marketing in Cologne. In November 2009 she joined the Temos team.

Today Canan Emre is the Assistant to the CEO and is also responsible for international customer care & partner management.


MBBS BSc MA PgDip FRCS | Medical assessor

  • Temos Assessor since 2020
  • Post-fellowship Ophthalmologist with Diploma in Refractive Surgery
  • MA in Healthcare Management & Policy, Cum Laude (Hons)
  • Novartis/ ICO Award, Eithne Walls Medal, and RVEEH Foundation Award recipient
  • Head of Services and Development for a major tertiary hospital
  • Chair of the Scientific Board, Jordan Assoc. for Healthcare Administration
  • Member, Chief Clinical Information Council and Healthcare Management Institute of Ireland; certified Healthcare Quality Manager
  • Past lecturer, Karolinska Institute and Radboud University Neijmegen
  • Strategy Consultant to private healthcare groups and governmental bodies, expert on service design, QI, and innovative business models

International experience
UK, Italy, Ireland, The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Austria, India, Thailand, Singapore, Seychelles, Jordan, Lebanon, UAE, Egypt, KSA, Turkey, Cyprus, US, Canada, Colombia


RN Specialist | Quality assessor | Greece

  • Temos Assessor since 2021
  • Director of Nursing Services in Hai Jamal Hospital, Andalusia Company
  • Head of Directorate for Quality Assurance in Health and Clinical Audit and Goverance, National Agency for Quality Assurance in Health (ODIPY S.A.)
  • Assistant for clinical Audit and Safety Improvement to Alternate Minister of Health.
  • Chief of Nursing Service in Mouwasat Hospital- Riyadh ( 5 years)
  • Co-chairwoman in Disaster Committee Under MOH of Saudi Arabia (4 years)
  • Inspector and observer for hospitals preparedness for disasters (5 years )
  • JCI and John Hopkin competent, performing the mock surveys for hospital
  • Greek Representative in WHO team for controlling hospital acquirement infection and IHI team for improvement of patient services in the hospitals.

International experience
Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, New Zealand, UK, Greece, Colombia


MD, MSc, Ph.D. | Medical assessor

  • Temos assessor since 2015
  • Active Orthopaedic Surgeon, Board-certified, Athens, Greece
  • Experience in General Surgery, Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery (Germany, Greece)
  • MSc “Healthcare Management”
  • Clinical assessor for medical devices (HTCert)
  • Lead Auditor ISO 9001:2015 (Swiss Approval International)
  • Lead Auditor BS EN 15224:2016 (Swiss Approval International)
  • IRCA Certified

International experience
Greece, Cyprus, Egypt

Prof. Dr. Samia Girgis / egypt 

MD, Ph.D., MSc., PDpl., Dr. Clinical Pathology | Quality assessor

  • Temos assessor since 2022
  • Prof. Of Clinical Pathology
  • Head of Infection Control Unit and deputy of the executive manager of Ain Shams University Hospitals in Cairo, Egypt
  • Quality Manager and Infection Control Consultant
  • International Fellow in Medical Education (IFME), Philadelphia, USA
  • Assessor for Medical Laboratories Accreditation ( ISO 15189) by the Egyptian Accreditation Council (EGAC)
  • Third-party certified auditor for ISO 9001 quality management system and trainer in the Centerior Middle East Regional Office.
  • Internal auditor in Ain Shams University Hospitals for ISO 9001

International experience
Germany, France, Austria, Netherlands, Spain, UAE, Kuwait, USA, Ethiopia, Malawi, Tanzania


RN, MSc | Medical, Nursing assessor

  • Temos assessor since 2011
  • Chief Nursing Officer
  • MSc in Health Management
  • Certified Auditor for ISO 9001

    Experience (especially) in:
  • Nursing Leadership & Management
  • Quality Management
  • Interventional Departments
  • Endoscopy, ICU, ER

International Experience
Greece, Colombia, U.A.E, Albania

PETRA HESS / germany 

MHBA | Quality assessor

  • Temos assessor since 2016
  • Vice-Chair of Temos Assessors‘ Advisory Board since 2022Nurse
  • Specialized in Quality Management and International Health Business Administration
  • Preparation of health care organizations for JCI since 2006
  • Clinical Coder since 2016

International experience
Panama, China, Russia, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Turkey, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Greece, UK


MD, MPH | Medical, Quality assessor

  • Temos assessor since 2012
  • Member of the Temos Medical Board
  • Physician, board-certified for internal medicine (Germany)
  • Master of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University
  • EFQM assessor
  • KTQ trainer
  • JCI consultant
  • Chief Medical Officer, Agile Global Health LLC, USA

International experience
Albania, Austria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Russia, Switzerland, Türkiye, China, India, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, USA, Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia

Jim Jin / china 

Regional Office China

Jin Zhiheng (Jim) has 14 years of working experience in marketing and the medical & health tourism industry, he is also a member of the Chinese Society for Cell Biology. After years of passionate work, he has successfully connected many Chinese patients and medical partners with quality medical resources both at home and abroad. Now he is willing to bring the Temos system into China and can let more patients have the best service and treatment.

Henning Kalwa / Malaysia 

Temos Office South East Asia

Henning Kalwa is a healthcare executive with more than 15 years of experience working closely with international hospitals, clinics, numerous medical professionals and healthcare experts, and of course, patients.

Over the past decade, it’s been his goal to transform the healthcare industry into one that promotes value-based and customer-centric care. His approach has been to employ a marketing mindset that recognizes and responds to the basic human needs of healthcare consumers: to be heard, understood, and attended to on a physical, psychological, and personal level.

Henning applies positive and disruptive thinking to break down industry biases, bureaucracy, and borders. He realizes that the systems that support patient care are complex and error-prone, and most organizations lack a comprehensive method for making them less so. It is his hope that healthcare organizations will utilize Temos to guide their efforts to improve their care's safety, quality, reliability, and effectiveness.


RN, MSc | Medical, Nursing, Quality assessor | Temos Hellas

  • Temos assessor since 2012
  • Director Temos Hellas – Representative of Temos in Greece/Cyprus
  • Chair of Temos Assessors' Advisory Board 2022-2023/2014-2015, Vice Chair 2018-2020
  • MSc in health informatics and healthcare management – BSc in Nursing Science
  • Certified auditor for quality and safety management systems
  • Consultant at WHO Europe, Quality of Care Office
  • Founder and Executive Member of Euro-Mediterranean Institute for Quality & Safety in Healthcare
  • Ex-Director of the Certification Body, Swiss Approval International (Swiss company)

International experience
Albania, Brazil, China, Iran, Turkey, UAE (Dubai), Hungary, Croatia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Greece

Lali kipshidze / georgia 

Lali Kipshidze, Regional Office Representative for Georgia, works for the Kaizen Institute Georgia, which she founded with her partner in May, 2017. This institute is the first and only lean management consultancy in the country of Georgia. Kaizen is the Japanese word for "continuous improvement", known as the Lean Management in Western EU countries and the USA. Lean Management is successfully introduced to the healthcare system, upon which the health standards were elaborated.

Mrs Kipshidze also founded the NGO Georgia AOTS Alumni Society (GAAS) for Human Resources Development in Development Countries with her partners in 2019 to promote technical cooperation through training, expert assignments, and other programs. Due to its large international presence, GAAS has very good contacts and active cooperation with the local public sector, foreign consulates, embassies, and funding organizations.

Lali has a large interaction with healthcare system and is experienced in delivering Kaizen – Lean Management methodology to healthcare providers. The implementation of these Kaizen tools leads to the achievement of overall company efficiency and highest standards of quality management.


DDS | Dental, Quality assessor

  • Temos assessor since 2013
  • Private practice dentist
  • Master in Business Administration – Total Quality Management
  • Lead Auditor, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 15224 (over 400 man-days)
  • Lead Auditor, Directive 93/42/EEC Medical Devices (over 100 man-days)
  • Consultant for private and governmental organizations

International experience
Europe, USA, Turkey, China, Serbia

MERVAT salha / UAE 

BS, MQM | Quality assessor

  • Temos assessor since 2021
  • Finalist Inspiring Woman Award – Wollongong University 2020/2021
  • Distinguished Woman in Healthcare Award – Dubai Health Authority 2018
  • Best Quality Team Award, Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) – UK 2017
  • Best Employee in the Specialized Field – Tawam Hospital 2012
  • SEHA Best 100 Employee Award 2012
  • Judge for CQI Awards – 2018
  • Judge for Steve International Business Awards – Customer Service Category for 2 cycles
  • More than 15 years in healthcare leading the quality and patient safety Department in many hospitals

Oxana Medvedeva / russia 

Temos Office Russia

Oxana Medvedeva is vice-president of GHTC (Global Healthcare Travel Council) and the founding president of RHTC (Russian Healthcare Travel Council), is a specialist in financial management and got an MBA from the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

Nowadays she focuses on creating medical tourism cluster in Russia which joins members of different fields viz. medicine, tourism, education, and supporting services to create recognizable and competitive medical tourism services at the international level.

She gained a higher degree at the Moscow State University after Mendeleev D.I., the Moscow State University after M.V. Lomonosov, and the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

She worked at the Moscow State University after M.V. Lomonosov as a university lecturer and was also involved in some scientific work. Since 2007 she worked for foreign medical engineering companies. She received training in Sweden, Germany, and France at factories producing high-tech medical technologies. She also gained a good experience in integrated design and equipping hospitals and dealt with medical technologies devoted herself to the issues of reconstruction with re-equipping of health facilities and project development for medical construction. In 2010 she starts actively cooperating with hospitals, clinics, medical centers, rehabilitation and perinatal centers all over Russia, identifying the need for and the possibilities to adjust the existing fleet of medical equipment, the possibilities to transfer of technologies, acquaintance with medical achievements of foreign clinics, participating in international conferences, training, and master classes.

Being CEO of “International Medical Tourism Company “FEEL-HEAL”, Ltd she actively cooperates with medical tourism sectors of foreign countries providing advisory support to the clinics, the organization of study visits abroad for doctors and medical nurses, participating in international exhibitions and conferences, etc.

She is a member of the Association for Interdisciplinary Medicine, a member of the Union of Russian Rehabilitologists, etc., and takes an active part in public and charity events. Since 2014 she is a member of TurPressKlub- guild tourist journalism Media Union.

Rajesh Mehta / india 

Temos Office India

Rajesh Mehta is the Director of Uniworld Healthcare Pvt. Ltd in India.

He holds a Master's Degree in International Business and has held senior positions in Top Corporates in India before starting his Healthcare Venture.

Rajesh Mehta has extensive knowledge of Healthcare, Medical Tourism, Diagnostics, Functional Medicine and works with Hospitals in India and Thailand.

His Company currently manages Asia Operations of Renowned Companies in Diagnostics, Remote Monitoring.

He has a passion for Healthcare Industry and is working towards a sustained, purposeful change to improve the efficiency, equity, and effectiveness of the health sector in India.


Ph.D., Dr. Oe.troph. | CEO and Founder | Quality assessor

  • Founder and CEO of Temos International
  • Vice Chairwoman of the Diplomatic Council Healthcare Forum since 2013
  • Judge for the International Medical Travel Awards since 2013
  • Consultant for private and governmental organizations (Turkish MoE, MoH, different Chambers of Commerce worldwide, etc. )
  • Dr. Sanjiv Malik Lifetime Award (04/2017)
  • Scientific Board Dubai Health Authorities Medical Tourism Conf.
  • Chair of Certification Committee, Member of Executive Board of European Fertility Society since 2021
  • Associate Editor “Journal of Healthcare Management Standards” since 2021

International experience
Albania, Austria, Brazil, China, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Hongkong, Hungary, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Panama, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Serbia, Trinidad and Tobago

Mahshid Moeini / iran 

Temos Regional Office Iran

Mahshid Moeini is the founder and CEO of Sarir Salamat Maham, a consultancy company based in Teheran, Iran which is representing Temos International in the markets of Iran and neighboring countries that helps medical facilities increase the number of foreign patients and get international accreditation.

Mahshid Moeini holds a master's degree in health care management and is well experienced in quality management and hospital accreditation. The further professional experience she has gained through positions in different fields of hospital management such as patient safety, health care marketing, strategic management, and health tourism.

dr. Nor' Aina Mohd Som / Malaysia 

Medical assessor

  • Temos assessor since 2022
  • 14 years of clinical experience in both public and private sector
  • Currently heading the Emergency Department and International Marketing at ALTY Orthopedic Hospital, Kuala Lumpur
  • Three years experience in healthcare management specifically in medical tourism industry
  • Postgraduate degree in Leadership in Medicine with Harvard Medical School
  • Main advisor to CEO of Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) pertaining to protocols and policies feasibility assessment for medical treatment and services
  • Project lead of the Industrial Developmental team in developing the strategical plan for the medical tourism industry (National Flagship Medical Tourism Hospital Program and Malaysia as Cardiology Hub of Asia launched by the Health Minister

International experience

United Arab Emirates


Pharmacy assessor

  • Temos assessor since 2018
  • Over 21 years of experience at the Ministry of Health and Prevention – UAE
  • Director of Higher Committee for Medical Liability Office
  • Over 15 years of experience as Director of Inspection and Control of Private Health Sector in Sharjah
  • A winner of the Sharjah Excellence Award 2021
  • A Silver winner of the Stevie International Business Award for the Health Services Category 2016
  • Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality
  • Certifies Professional in Patient Safety
  • Certified EFQM Assessor
  • Certified Assessor for the GIBA Award – Dubai
  • Certified International Professional Trainer

Florian Otten / Germany 

Headquarters, Software development and IT

Florian Otten joined the Temos team in 2016 as a working student while studying general computer science.
Today he is a web developer and responsible for the maintenance and further development of the in-house web applications. He also supports the team with all IT-related questions and tasks.


Ph.D.| Quality, Medical, Reproductive assessor

  • Temos assessor since 2015
  • Temos Certification Expert in Medical Tourism since 2014 ?
  • Head of Molecular Oncology Dept A-LAB (HHG Group), March 2022- today
  • Head of Molecular Immunology Lap, Medical School of Athens (Nov 2022 – Jan 2022)
  • Molecular biologist specializing in genetics/diagnostics (Cancer and Prenatal Genetics)
  • Ph.D. diploma in Medicine, in genetics of cancer metastasis
  • Product reviewer of Medical Devices, HTCert since 2019
  • Internationally active certified auditor for quality and safety management systems, ISO 9001/ BS 15224 & 13485 (Medical Devices)
  • IRCA certified lead auditor and trainer for ISO 9001:2015 QMS
  • QA, Contract Research Organization (Clinical Studies) 2012-2013
  • Scientific Collaborator, Athens Medical School, 2011-2012
  • Research Associate, Athens Medical School 2009-2011
  • Quality Manager, Athens Medical School, Exp. Physiology 2006-2009

Bärbel Prokop / Germany 

Headquarters, Customer Care

Bärbel Prokop is communication and business administrator certified by the Academy for Marketing and Communication, Frankfurt. Afterward, she completed her training as public relations manager and certified trainer (Chamber of Commerce, IHK). She further has additional qualifications as TÜV certified quality manager and IHK certified project manager.

She used to work as project manager as well as administration and communication manager in the engineering, finance, chemistry, automotive, and recruitment business.

In March 2015 she joined the Temos team. Mrs. Prokop is the assistant to the CEO and also responsible for international customer care & partner management.


Quality, Laboratory assessor

  • Temos Assessor since 2016
  • Temos Assessor Advisory Board Member 2020-2022
  • ACHS International Assessor
  • ACHS International certified trainer
  • JCIA Expert and Consultant for governmental and private organizations
  • Certified professional in healthcare quality
  • Certified IMS-ISO Lead Implementer and internal auditor
  • Certified Change Management Practitioner
  • Dubai Quality Award Assessor – EFQM-based Model
  • Dubai Government Excellence program, ICXS, and Global stars hospital rating expert
  • National and international awards experiences
  • Standards review experience with JCI, TEMOS & Dubai Healthcare City
  • Comprehensive Risk Management Experiences
  • Strategic Planning and hospitals operational management
  • Msc from RCSI in Healthcare Quality and Safety
  • Medical Laboratory Science background
  • Senior Clinical Quality Specialist –Dubai Health Authority

DR. ASAAD M. RIAD / egypt 

MD, MSc, PAHM®, MHP | Medical assessor | Regional Office Egypt

  • Temos assessor since 2018
  • Temos - Regional office manager in Egypt since 2016
  • Member of Temos Assessor Advisory Board TAAB
  • Medical doctor and Consultant radiologist
  • Managed Healthcare Professional, MHP (America’s Health Insurance Plans “AHIP”)
  • Internal Auditor, ISO9001:2015
  • Certified Hospitality Department Trainer(CHDT)
  • General Manager of Egypt In-Touch Assistance since 2007
  • Certified by IATA of assisting travelers with special needs

Dr. Asaad M. Riad is a highly experienced cross-border executive, with 23 years of experience in healthcare travel medicine, international patients, and medical tourism across the Middle East, and European countries with a specific focus on Egypt.


Embryology assessor

  • Temos assessor since 2018
  • Assistant Professor of Physiology at the Medical School of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • Certified Senior Clinical Embryologist at the rank of Laboratory Director from ESHRE
  • Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at UCL Institute of Reproductive Health
  • Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at Chiang Mai University of Thailand Medical School
  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Clinical Embryology School of Medicine and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada
  • Co-founder of the “Scientific Society of Clinical Embryology and Biology of Reproduction”
  • Scientific Director and founder of the “Advanced Course in Clinical Embryology”
  • Committee member “International Fertility Education Initiative”
  • Editorial Board Member and a reviewer for numerous journals such as JARG and Human Reproduction
  • Ph.D. and Research Fellow in Obstetrics and Gynaecology & Human Genetics University College London specializing in Reimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) of the Human Genetics and Embryology Group
  • 21 years of experience as a Geneticist and Clinical Embryologist
  • Collaborations on a clinical or research level in private clinics, hospitals, and university clinics in England, USA, Canada, Malta, and Greece
  • Special Interest in academic education and balancing research activities and clinical commitments
  • Personal mission is the advancement of knowledge on a theoretic and research level, along with continued improvements in medical education


MD | Medical, Rehabilitation assessor

  • Temos assessor since 2009
  • Temos assessors’ advisory board since 2011

Medical doctor, specialist for:

  • Anesthesiology
  • Pain management
  • Palliative care
  • Emergency medicine, Medical head of ambulance station
  • Tutor and Examiner for Manual Therapy
  • Medical Head of Ambulance Station Rheinbach, Germany
  • Medical representative for Order of Malta
  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP) certified investigator

International experience
Philippines, Nepal, Austria, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Slovenia, Ukraine, Croatia, Turkey, Togo, Zimbabwe

Dr. Miodrag Todorovic / The Seychelles 

Temos Office The Seychelles, Indian Ocean, East Africa

Dr. Miodrag Todorovic is now with 42 years of experience in healthcare, working in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

He has held senior management roles at several organizations and his skills have been utilized to lead and establish new services and hospitals. He is a surgeon and a leader in clinical management. He served as hospital director, director of quality and development, policy officer, and planning officer. In his role as a director for quality, he was responsible for quality program design, development, and implementation to target and move the healthcare facility toward customer-centered care and business viability matching the international standards and expectations. He is a graduate of Belgrade University as an MD, and after the general surgery board certification continued his postgraduate training in Paris in cardiothoracic surgery. The university career in teaching surgery during his early professional achievements was succeeded by international technical aid assignments, working for the government of Seychelles in the Ministry of Health.

In the last twelve years, he was involved in the Mauritian project of building the regional health hub of the Indian Ocean with a great opportunity to line up in his career the hospital project management, commissioning process of the new hospital and transition to operations, with the implementation of international accreditation standards. As Medical Director with a Master Degree of International Health Management acquired at the UN University for Peace, he was running hospital services of the Ministry of Health Seychelles and then the corporate hospital Apollo Bramwell in Mauritius and as CEO of the Panafricare Regional medical network.


MScN | Quality assessor

Profession & further training

  • Temos assessor since 2015
  • 1976 Registered Nurse - Germany
  • 1982 Skilled Nurse in Anesthetics and Intensive-Care – University Hospital Mannheim/Germany
  • 1995 MSc in Nursing – University of Wales School of Nursing Studies, Cardiff/Great Britain
  • 1996 Assessor in quality management
  • 2005 Accreditation KTQ-Visitor® (2021 retired)
  • 2011 Quality inspector in Nursing SGB V and SGB XI


  • 1985-1993 Volunteer- German Emergency Doctors & Matron - Ministry of Health Uganda/CIM-Germany
  • 1997-2021 Department for Quality Assurance in Nursing, University Hospital Mannheim - Germany

International experience
Turkey, Egypt

Dr. Jillian Yeoh / Malaysia 

Temos Regional Office Malaysia

Dr. Jillian Yeoh is a versatile entrepreneur who has founded numerous businesses ranging from cosmeceutical manufacturing to the healthcare sector in the UK, Switzerland, and Malaysia.

She carries more than 20 years of experience in diverse industries such as Hospitality, Health & Wellness, Luxury Fashion, and Financial Institution. Currently, on the Board of Directors in two companies in London and Switzerland, she is now based in Malaysia managing IMM Healthcare Sdn Bhd, a HealthTech solution provider and service operator on Active Aging, Rehabilitation, and Inclusive Wellness. She founded the Country’s First Private Senior Lifestyle Centre – IMM Carehub, which specialized in preventive health, longevity lifestyle, and geriatric rehabilitation.

As the very few qualified professionals in aged care in the country, she also consults projects related to aged care and co-founded a senior daycare center and an active aging gym in Malaysia. She is the proud Awardee for Khazanah’s Impact Innovation Challenge on Enhancing Ageing Services in Malaysia 2021. Her passion has earned her the Best Healthcare Entrepreneur by Asia Healthcare Award in 2021/2022, as well as the Best Senior Rehabilitation Centre 2022 by Natural Health and the only Malaysian-owned company that is selected as a finalist in the Boutique of the Year by Fit Summit 2022 in APAC. She holds a Ph.D. in Aged Care from IUG Switzerland and Community Health Certificate from Harvard University.

Elizabeth Ziemba / USA 

Temos Office USA, Latin America, Caribbean

Elizabeth Ziemba is the President and Founder of Medical Tourism Training. Elizabeth Ziemba delivers training and consulting services to provide clients with innovative, practice evidence-based solutions for business and economic growth. Combining years of experience in the medical travel sector with international best business practices, Ms. Ziemba helps clients build strong systems combined with a commitment to advancing customer-oriented services in every link in the Customer Care Continuum™. Elizabeth has worked with governments, medical and dental providers, and facilitators in Europe, the US, Central, and South America, India, and Asia. Elizabeth has worked with a Silicon Valley start-up that launched an online site offering medical services to an international marketplace. This experience gave her unique insights into the demands of building a facilitation business from the ground up including the customer service systems, services for providers, as well as the extensive technology infrastructure required to compete globally. Ms. Ziemba publishes extensively, is a regular speaker at conferences, and is co-host of The Medical Travel Show.

Edward Stephenson (Caribbean Representative)

medical advisor

Prof. Dr. med. Rupert Gerzer | Germany