Temos Consultancy

Sharing knowledge...
...Multiplying outcome and success

Our experience made us who we are: in our daily work with more than 100 hospitals and medical service providers worldwide and by dealing with international patient management and the medical tourism industry we have gained our huge experience and our principles of high quality in this business were defined. We are committed to continuous quality improvement and

Trust. effective medicine. optimized services.

This is what Temos stands for and for what the Temos certificate and Temos accredited medical service providers stand for.

Our accreditation programs demand every day efforts in quality management and a teamwork of nurses, doctors, technical, supportive and administrative staff as well as external partners to reach a trustful cooperation between the medical service provider and the patient.

Sharing knowledge…

We support our partners and customers from hospitals, clinics, primary care and diagnostic centres, rehabilitation centres, dental clinics, and eye centres in defining, structuring, managing and continuously improving their clinical and non-clinical services for international patients.

We support our partners and customers from different ministries and governmental institutions in defining and developing operational frameworks and guidelines on how to deal with international patients in the complete “international patient care cycle” starting in the home country of the patients and also ending there.

… Multiplying outcome and success

Quality is individual and not carved in stone. Our understanding of high quality in international patient care is the combination of following international guidelines and standards and individual quality improvement programs.

By sharing our experience, expertise and knowledge with you and by mutually working on your questions and requirements we develop together with you your route for a trustful cooperation between you and your patients.
It is not our pure consultancy which results in an optimal outcome. It is our shared knowledge and exchange which multiplies the success.

Please note that only Temos authorized persons are entitled and have the knowledge to give consultancy on Temos accreditation programs. If you are looking for Temos consultancy and/or reliable partners in your region please get in contact with our approved partners or the headquarters.

What we offer:

Strategic planning

  • We start together with you and accompany you on your way in defining your strategy, your organization’s processes and in making your decisions on allocating your resources to pursue your medical tourism strategy.

  • We help you understanding your current position in the medical tourism market and the possible avenues through which you can pursue your particular course of action to determine the direction of your organization.
  • Process optimization for (international) patient management

Together with you we design and develop the framework to ensure positive patient experience and staff motivation through definition, implementation and optimization of:

  • Case management processes
  • Risk assessment methodologies
  • Protocols, procedures and work flows
  • Respective training

We do not follow the philosophy “the more the better”. Often, the reduction or specification of existing protocols, defined procedures help to focus on the really important parts in the case management of international patients and medical tourists.

Training, workshops and seminars

Our training programs are always customized. Our aim is to meet the individual and unique objectives and requirements of your institution.

Topics are for example:

  • Introduction into quality management in health care facilities
  • Best practice in international patient management
  • How to establish an International Patient Department (IPD)?
  • Safety principles and specificities for international patients
  • Cultural sensitivity in international patient management 

When we talk about “international best practice” or “cultural sensitivity” we know about the challenges. Adding up the experience of Temos our international team of consultants has been working in more than 60 countries supporting our partners.

We look forward to cooperating with you!

Please contact us for any further information.