Special “Standards Only” Complimentary Option

Exceptional times require extraordinary actions

The entire Temos team appreciates the extreme stress and incredible sacrifices made by healthcare professionals around the world during this life changing event. Financial pressures on hospitals and clinics increase as they struggle to provide services or are forced to close their doors temporarily. Many may find themselves unable to pay for the certification program that includes the costs of the services of Temos assessors, consultants, and advisers engaged in its development and implementation.

free standards only

For these reasons, Temos is offering a free “Standards Only” option for hospitals and clinics to access the certification standards simply by completing a registration form. During the registration process, those individuals who select the “Standards Only” option elect to automatically receive on-going updates to the certification program because, as more becomes known about SARS-CoV-2, standards are likely to be changed or added.

Because of the direct costs incurred as part of the certification program, the “Standards Only” option excludes the following benefits that are part of the certification program:

  • Online tools including the self-assessment guide 
  • Access to Temos assessors and experts to answer questions 
  • Technical review of compliance by Temos 
  • Listing and promotion on the Temos website and social media 
  • A certificate verifying compliance with the standards will not issue.

Hospitals and clinics that select the “Standards Only” option may decide to pursue the full certification program or Temos accreditation now or in the near future. Certified partners receive a 5% discount on professional fees if Temos accreditation is initiated and deposit paid within six months of the issuance of the certificate.

To receive access to the “Standards Only” option, click here to be directed to the registration page.

Would you like to receive a quotation for the certification program? Contact Temos Headquarters for more information: info@temos-worldwide.com or +49 2204 426480