Temos & QHA Trent Accreditation Collaboration

Temos & QHA Trent Accreditation Collaboration

Temos & QHA Trent Accreditation Collaboration

After more than a decade of service to its clients, QHA Trent has concluded operations due to recent, persistent economic shocks. Chief Operating Office, Elizabeth Brownhill, and Temos Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Claudia Mika, today announced a transition plan for QHA clients.
According to Ms. Brownhill, “Based on the quality of its well-respected ISQua/IEEA accredited programs as well as the trust and respect between the leadership of our two organizations, Temos is the recommended accreditation company to work with QHA’s current and future clients.

The Temos accreditation programs are well-aligned to QHA’s programs regarding quality, content, and price and offer further innovations such as online tools, and collaborative style. While we at QHA are deeply disappointed that COVID-19 has brought us to the end of our business operations, we are confident that our clients will be served well by Temos”.

To smooth the transition for QHA clients, QHA surveyors are invited to accompany Temos assessors to on-site visits and have the opportunity to become Temos assessors to add strength, experience, and knowledge to the Temos team. Ms. Brownhill and other QHA representatives will continue to be available to consult with their clients and Temos as long as necessary to ensure a successful changeover.

Temos CEO, Dr. Claudia Mika, observes, “Temos and QHA-Trent have an history of cooperation. Being that we are European-based organizations, we are culturally close and have always created our standards using scientific research, evidence-based results, and practical experience. We look forward to getting to know all the QHA clients and personally accompany them on their new journey with our global regional offices, customer care team, and unique, easy to use online tools. QHA clients will also have access to our other benefits including the Temos Alliance and Temos Academy. The entire Temos team supports the leadership of QHA-Trent through this challenging time. We are committed to working together to help QHA clients and the patients they serve”.

During the next several weeks, Temos representatives will be contacting QHA clients to plan the next steps ensuring continuity of ISQua/IEEA approved accreditation, which is an essential requirement for many clients. These communications give QHA clients opportunities to become familiar with Temos, while the Temos team learns more about the needs and requirements of QHA clients.

For more information about Temos International Healthcare Accreditation, contact: Ms. Barbel Prokop, at, +49 2204 42648 0, or visit the Temos website at