Egypt: Accreditation of Eshfaa for Healthcare

Egypt: Accreditation of Eshfaa for Healthcare

Egypt: Accreditation of Eshfaa for Healthcare

Eshfaa for Healthcare is the first facilitator in Egypt and the whole of Africa that complete the Temos accreditation program.

Eshfaa إشفاء is a specialized joint-stock company providing comprehensive digital healthcare services focusing on patient experience management. They deliver digital integrated home healthcare services, telemedicine, and onsite healthcare services for corporate sites. Additionally, all other healthcare services are offered through their extensive medical networks of partner healthcare provider companies, covering all governorates.

Eshfaa offers tailored programs for businesses, NGOs, and charities. For startups and small businesses, Eshfaa extends support via discounted services. Corporates and factories benefit from digital integrated occupational healthcare services, from establishing onsite clinics equipped with necessary facilities and medications to hiring onsite doctors (DOS) and nurses to establish telemedicine units supported by digital ambulance cars or airplanes. Charities and NGOs receive assistance for medical cases through effective case management and care coordination with the least available prices, all with a commitment to the highest international quality standards.

Congratulations to the team of Eshfaa for Healthcare, and welcome to the Temos Accredited Network!

For more information please visit Temos Accredited Partner Guide and the facility website.