Dear colleagues,

I am thrilled about this result:
“For the first time in 15 years of tracking by GlobeScan, findings indicate that nearly one in two people (49 per cent) surveyed across 14 tracking countries see themselves more as global citizens than citizens of their country” (

Yes, our “World” shrinks and more and more people realize, that countries, blocks of influence, political systems, and cultures are an important heritage, but that we are now moving into the future.

I am not in Germany anymore, but work in Moscow since retirement from my previous position in Germany last year. Different political system, different heritage, different opinions in mass media, but identical people – I feel at home.

Temos is neutral regarding political systems, respects different cultures, is against prejudices, and wants to help. Help to practice excellent medicine, help to understand different cultures, different opinions, and different background. As everybody in the Temos family is active in medicine, in one way or another, many of you are involved in matters of helping refugees worldwide. In my opinion, the second best help in refugee matters is to welcome and accept them with all their different backgrounds and to help them in the first steps of organizing a new life. The best thing, however, is to try to help deescalate the situation in the originating country and to make living there attractive again. Medicine is an important part of the mosaic here.
As most of you know, Temos has partnered several years ago with “Diplomatic Council” (, a worldwide active institution. Meanwhile, we have also initiated collaborations with “Diplomats International” ( ). Both institutions are active worldwide and are promoting peaceful collaborations and mutual understanding.

Temos has come along quite far by now. The Temos family is growing, many of you are helping refugees in different countries, at the same time all of you are building up and extending excellent facilities, that provide World Class medical care, provide jobs, and contribute to the income of locals and to economic competitiveness of your country by offering your services to national and international patients.

This year’s Temos Conference will be in Berlin once again and will, once again, focus on quality in medical care, on best practices from the Temos family, on interactions with providers and insurances. Like always, we will focus on the “Family” factor and on giving opportunities to discuss, negotiate, get to know people, and give feedback in both directions.
But it is also time for new developments and together with you we would like to initiate the “Temos Alliance”, a closed network of Temos certified providers and payers, selected partners, and organizations speaking and cooperating on the same high quality level to the mutual benefit of the Temos Alliance partners. Looking forward to meeting you and to get to know new participants: Welcome to all of you in Berlin in November!

Prof. Dr. Rupert Gerzer, Conference President