Unique ISQua EEA accredited options to meet your needs

Temos offers two ISQua EEA accredited programs that, like all Temos programs, are built on three pillars of excellence: international best practices; rigorous scientific research from reliable sources; and practical experience from our multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural team.

Both options include innovative topics such as sustainability and telehealth & telemedicine to address the new challenges and increasing demands faced by hospitals. Built to exceed most national and international accreditation programs, Temos clients celebrate and benefit from a global perspective.

Option 1. “Quality in Patient Care” for all patients, based on international best practices

The “Quality in Patient Care” program is designed for secondary, tertiary, and quaternary private and public hospitals that offer comprehensive care to patients whether domestic and/or international.

This program’s ISQua EEA comprehensive chapters with 457 standards include:

  • Patient-Centered Clinical and Non-Clinical Services, Communication, and Cultural Sensitivity 
  • Organization Management and Administration 
  • Quality Management, Outcome, Ethics and Sustainability 
  • Safety, Security, Infrastructure, Facilities, and Support

Topics reviewed include quality management, medical services, patient and staff safety, patient experience management, effective communication, legal and ethical issues, and more. This comprehensive, integrated approach takes into consideration the distinctive services delivered to patients to meet and exceed their unique medical, emotional, and cultural needs. 

This option is preferred by hospitals that offer inpatient and/or outpatient services and that treat domestic and/or international patients. Those service providers who treat more than 10% of international patients may also consider Option 2.

Option 2. Excellence in Medical Tourism

The ISQua EEA accredited “Excellence” program includes all the standards in the “Quality” program and contains additional standards specifically designed to meet the particular needs of international patients.

Successfully complete the “Excellence” program and also receive accreditation for the “Quality” program – a 2-for-1 bonus!

The “Excellence” program is for providers who either (1) serve international patients only or (2) treat a combination of domestic and international clients with international patients comprising more than 10% of all patients. Click here to connect to information about program Eligibility Requirements.

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