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Elizabeth Ziemba ...

... is the President and Founder of Medical Tourism Training. Elizabeth Ziemba delivers training and consulting services to provide clients with innovative, practice evidence-based solutions for business and economic growth. Combining years of experience in the medical travel sector with international best business practices, Ms. Ziemba helps clients build strong systems combined with a commitment to advancing customer-oriented services in every link in the Customer Care Continuum™. Elizabeth has worked with governments, medical and dental providers, and facilitators in Europe, the US, Central and South America, India, and Asia. Elizabeth has worked with a Silicon Valley start-up that launched an on-line site offering medical services to an international marketplace. This experience gave her unique insights into the demands of building a facilitation business from the ground up including the customer service systems, services for providers, as well as the extensive technology infrastructure required to compete globally. Ms. Ziemba publishes extensively, is a regular speaker at conferences, and is co-host of The Medical Travel Show.