Dr. miodrag todorovic

...is now with 42 years of experience in healthcare, working in Europe, Asia and Africa. 

He has held senior management roles at a number of organizations and his skills have been utilized to lead and establish new services and hospitals. He is a surgeon and a leader in clinical management. He served as hospital director, director of quality and development, policy officer and planning officer. In his role as a director for quality he was responsible for quality program design, development and implementation to target and move the healthcare facility toward customer centered care and business viability matching the international standards and expectations. He is a graduate of Belgrade University as MD, and after the general surgery board certification continued his postgraduate training in Paris in cardiothoracic surgery. The university career in teaching surgery during his early professional achievements was succeeded by international technical aid assignments, working for the government of Seychelles in the Ministry of Health.

In the last twelve years he was involved in the Mauritian project of building the regional health hub of the Indian Ocean with a great opportunity to line up in his career the hospital project management, commissioning process of the new hospital and transition to operations, with implementation of international accreditation standards. As Medical Director with Master Degree of International Health Management acquired at the UN University for Peace, he was running hospital services of the Ministry of Health Seychelles and then the corporate hospital Apollo Bramwell in Mauritius and as CEO the Panafricare Regional medical network.