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Oxana Medvedeva ...

..., a vice-president of GHTC (Global Healthcare Travel Council) and the founding president of RHTC (Russian Healthcare Travel Council), is a specialist in financial management got a MBA by the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. 

Nowaday she focuses on creating medical tourism cluster in Russia which joins members of different fields viz. medicine, tourism, education and supporting services to create recognizable and competitive medical tourism service at the international level.

She gained higher degree at the Moscow State University after Mendeleev D.I., the Moscow State University after M.V. Lomonosov, and the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

She worked at the Moscow State University after M.V. Lomonosov as a university lecture and was also involved in some scientific work. Since 2007 she worked for foreign medical engineering companies. She received training in Sweden, Germany and France at factories producing high-tech medical technologies. She also gained a good experience in integrated design and equipping hospitals and dealt with medical technologies devoted herself the issues of reconstruction with re-equipping of health facilities and project developing for medical construction. In 2010 she starts actively cooperating with hospitals, clinics, medical centers, rehabilitation and perinatal centers all over Russia, identifying the need for and the possibilities to adjust the existing fleet of medical equipment, the possibilities to transfer of technologies, acquaintance with medical achievements of foreign clinics, participating in international conferences, training and master classes.

Being CEO of “International Medical Tourism Company “FEEL-HEAL”, Ltd she actively cooperates with medical tourism sectors of foreign countries providing advisory support to the clinics, the organization of study visits abroad for doctors and medical nurses, participation of international exhibitions and conferences etc.

She is member of the Association for Interdisciplinary Medicine, a member of the Union of Russian Rehabilitologists etc. and takes an active part in public and charity events. Since 2014 she is a member of TurPressKlub- guild tourist journalism Media Union.