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Dr. Jillian Yeoh ...

...is a versatile entrepreneur who have founded numerous businesses ranging from cosmeceautical manufacturing to healthcare sector. She has held key positions such as General Manager, Group HR Manager and Banker in multinational companies and institution before ventured into her own businesses.

She is the Co-Founder of JL Welt Ltd in UK, and Non-Executive Director of Neuzell Suisse Laboratoire based in Switzerland. She currently serves as the Managing Director of JL Welt Sdn Bhd in Malaysia, responsible for developing and strategizing the company’s overseas operations in Asia Pacific for its beauty, health, medical facilitation and consulting businesses.

Her strong passion to improve the senior healthcare system in Malaysia has led her to setup Day Care Centre for the elderly. She also ventured into the supply of Healthcare solutions for Active Aging, Rehab and Inclusive Wellness market under the brand of HUR from Finland.

She carries more than 18 years of experiences from diverse industries such as Hospitality, Health & Wellness, Luxury Fashion and Financial Institution. She studied PhD in International Business specialized in the field of Aged Care, MBA in International Marketing and BBBA.