Temos Office Greece and Cyprus

Angeliki Katsapi

... is the Director of TEMOS HELLAS Ltd, representing Temos International in the markets of Cyprus and Greece, since 2010. Moreover, she is the Managing Director of SWISS APPROVAL TECHNISCHE BEWERTUNG S.A. (Inspection and Certification Body), member of the global organization, SWISS APPROVAL INTERNATIONAL. She is a founding and executive member of the Greek Medical Tourism Council, ELITOUR (of first cluster in Greece for the tourism Health) and she has been working in Healthcare Quality Management Systems’ Certification and Quality Assurance services in Medical Tourism having 7 years of experience as a Temos Lead Assessor in medical services in countries such as Turkey, Brazil, Hungary, Albania, Iran, China, Philippines, Cyprus and Greece.

Ms Katsapi has graduated from the Nursing Department of Athens University. She holds MSc in Health Informatics and Healthcare Management, and is an IRCA certified Lead Auditor and IRCA Tutor for ISO 9001:2015, and BS EN 15224 for Healthcare Quality Management Systems.

In the past, she has been holding executive positions in the Greek healthcare sector such as:
- the position of Business Planning and Development Director of Health Units S.A. (a Greek state owned enterprise), Total Quality Director of the Olympic Village Polyclinic in the period 2005-2012
- several senior management positions as a member of various ‘E-health’ projects’ workgroups and review committees on behalf of the Greek Healthcare Ministry and Information Society S.A.