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Juan Pablo Salazar ...

... is a General Practitioner graduated from Universidad De Caldas and is coursing a Masters degree in Public Health. He has more than 10 years of work experience on the health sector, working on various aspects as health services export, medical tourism, health innovation and health technology development. 

As a consultant on medical tourism, he has advised a significant number of health and tourism institutions, governments and universities on developing processes, protocols, audits and strategies for health services export and other related aspects such as international patients management standardisation, international management of hospitals and clinics and medical tourism quality system building.

He is currently running his own enterprise; Geomedical Health, which specialises on health services export and innovation within the healthcare sector. With Geomedical is creating a new experience to access to health services in Latin America.

Juan Pablo has created 7 enterprises, has lead projects on the health care sector, IT, education, leisure, beer and alcohol, consulting and commercialisation services. In 2006, he was awarded as one of the top 5 most active Colombian young speakers for his leadership and entrepreneurial conferences, reaching more than 140 conferences in 20 different cities and 4 countries. Named as a Global Shaper in 2012, a World Economic Forum organisation that gathers the most outstanding and promissory young people from the world aged between 20 and 30. In 2014, La Republica newspaper recognised him as one of the 10 most brilliant entrepreneurs in Colombia.