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More demands than ever are being placed on hospitals especially as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. These escalating demands are coming from better-informed patients, increasing competition from outpatient service providers, insurance companies, self-insured employers, investors, and others. The increasing challenges place additional pressure on hospitals in terms of clinical care, patient experience, and business management.

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Can your hospital benefit from a problem-solving partner to identify proven, ISQua EEA accredited approaches to improve clinical outcomes, achieve better business metrics, and deliver a superior patient experience?

Working together to coordinate and maximize the team effort, Temos accreditation can:

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  • Increase revenue & create new revenue streams 
  • Improve care management 
  • Minimize risk 
  • Reduce costs & increase efficiency 
  • Enhance patient experience 
  • Define & build market differentiation 
  • Expand third party networks 
  • Grow patient loyalty 
  • Promote trust & confidence 
  • Enhance brand equity and goodwill 
  • Provide the reassurance of a trusted name

In addition to these benefits, Temos offers numerous tools to help you succeed including our exclusive relationship with the Diplomatic Council. Click here to find out more about the benefits of the Temos Alliance


Developed by a multi-disciplinary team, Temos’ ISQua EEA accredited standards are specific, up-to-date, comprehensive, and industry-leading. No other accreditation organization offers more topics and standards in their programs than Temos giving you a competitive advantage. View our Comparison Chart to see for yourself.

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Temos offers two ISQua EEA accredited options for hospitals: “Quality in Patient Care” and “Excellence in Medical Tourism”. Click here to explore both options to discover which one is right for you.

Eight Step Road to Accreditation

Learn more about our accreditation process with our “Eight Step Road to Accreditation”. Explore our exclusive online tools to simplify and expedite your journey. Contact us to schedule a demonstration of our online tools!

Curious about the cost of this accreditation program? Click here to access our fee calculator to estimate the professional fees for your hospital.

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Want more information about Temos? Click here to visit the Frequently Asked Questions page. Download our brochure for further details about our hospital programs or contact us directly. Look for the regional office serving your location of contact Temos Headquarters by telephone at +49 2204 42648 0 or email.

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