Quality in International Rehabilitation Care

The aim of this accreditation program is to validate and optimize the rehabilitation centres' medical and non-clinical services and the continuous processing of patients, the identification, analysis, and improvement of the quality of structures, processes and results in rehabilitation services.

Based on the established Quality Management System the needed and missing services for international patients, but also for insurances are investigated, defined and implemented.

The Temos Quality Criteria are provided to the organization. A self-evaluation questionnaire has to be filled in. The Temos team supports and accompanies the preparation phase until the on-site visit of the Temos assessors.

Assessment is done by inspection on-site on the basis of professional judgment and clearly defined and standardized criteria.

Further potential for improvement is discussed with the involved staff and management on-site. In a detailed report, all recommendations and demands are summarized.

National legislation, laws, different cultures and quality approaches are taken into account for the overall assessment.

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