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January 4, 2016: "Quality in International Dental Care" certificate awarded to Tanfer Dental Clinic Print E-mail

Congratulations to Tanfer Clinic in Istanbul to the successful pass of the Temos “Quality in International Dental Care” program!

The two assessors from Greece and Germany found well designed, elegant units, a well-managed clinic with kind, considerate and experienced staff, a very kind hospitality, good facilities, and a trustful level of quality in treatment, technical equipment and nursing.

Tanfer Clinic was founded by Dr. med. dent. Nihat Tanfer already in 1981. Since then Tanfer Clinic has been developing to a renowned dental service provider offering – beside other dental services – prostheses, sinus lifting, root canal treatment, bone grafting, impacted tooth, partial and movable full dentures, implant treatment, box technique, and conservative treatment. The assessors appreciated the friendly and open exchange and cooperation before, during and after the onsite visit. Patients can expect high quality standards, trustworthy and evidence based treatment in a friendly and tasteful environment by a professional team.

For further information please visit the Center’s Website














(Source Temos) Group photo during onsite visit

December 29, 2015: Institute of Life, IASO S.A. Athens, certified Print E-mail

Congratulations to Institute of Life, the fertility center of IASO S.A. in Athens, to the successful pass of the Temos “Quality in International Reproductive Care” program as the first Temos certified fertility center in Greece.

The two assessors from Germany and Greece found excellent facilities including the ART laboratory, a team of highly experienced experts in embryology, gynaecology, reproductive care and associated disciplines, led by an international renowned medical director in person of Dr. Themistocles Mantzavinos, and supported by a well-trained and motivated team. Patients can expect highest quality standards, trustworthy and evidence based counselling and treatment in a friendly and tasteful environment by a professional team.

For further information please visit the Center’s Website












(Source Temos) Group photo during onsite visit











(Source Institute of Life) Photo Reception of Institute of Life 










(Source Institute of Life) Photo Laboratory of Institute of Life


December 15, 2015: Succesful quality conference at Saudi German Hospital Dubai Print E-mail

Focusing on various aspects of quality management and providing an insight into new updated standards and best practice in a cost effective healthcare setting were the main topics of the 1st International Quality and Patient Safety Conference that took place on December 13, 2015 at Saudi German Hospital in Dubai.

Renowned speakers from UAE and abroad presented innovative and up to date subjects at this very well organized conference that was also accredited by NAQH. Congratulations to the colleagues of SGH and thank you very much for the invitation to speak at your important event! For further information about the hospital’s education and scientific event calendar please visit also: www.sghdubai.ae



















(Source SGH Dubai)







December 10, 2015: New Temos assessors' advisory board elected Print E-mail

In the frame of the annual Temos assessors’ meeting at the Temos Conference the assessors elected the new Temos assessors’ advisory board. The Temos Headquarters and Temos medical board are looking forward to cooperating with the new board members that were elected for a period of two years:

Chair of the board:
Dr. Hashem Al-Fadel, biomedical engineer and healthcare technology management, Jordan
Vice chair of the board:
Dr. Andrea Sydow, medical doctor, Germany

Board members:
Dr. Constanze Trammer, medical doctor, Germany
Dr. Yannis Krallis, dentist, Greece
Dr. Rainer Hilgenfeld, medical doctor, Germany
Mr. Nikos Gkoumas, nurse, Greece

All board members have been working in quality management for many years and besides the Temos quality programs are familiar with the different international hospital accreditation systems.



Photo left to right: Dr. Rainer Hilgenfeld, Dr. Andrea Sydow (Co-chair), Dr. Hashem Al-Fadel (Chair), Dr. Constanze Trammer, Dr. Yannis Krallis







December 8, 2015: Temos quality program for facilitators launched Print E-mail

“Quality in International Medical Travel Coordination”

The number of patients travelling abroad to receive medical, rehabilitation or dental treatment in the destination country has been increasing worldwide and a rather new business has come up: medical tourism facilitation.

Certificates for facilitators are already available on the international medical tourism market but do they provide evidence for quality, trustworthy and transparent medical travel coordination and pricing?

In our research we found that there is still a regulatory vacuum in the medical tourism market regarding medical travel service companies (facilitators, medical service coordinators, brokers, agencies, intermediates, etc.).
The Temos standard for medical tourism companies strives to close the quality gap for patients between their home country and the certified/accredited medical service providers in the destination country in case an intermediate (medical tourism company) is involved.

The present standard was developed with specialists for medical tourism and quality management and includes also research, evaluation, and validation from the following sources of information:

1. International literature
2. Applicable laws, regulations, directives
3. Exchange and discussion in different forums, newsgroups, internet platforms
4. Interviews with facilitators
5. Interviews with hospital representatives involved in international patient management
6. Interviews with patients in the frame of Temos certification onsite visits

In parallel to the work on the standard and filling in the associated online questionnaire, the facilitator organization has to submit the following documents and evidences (excerpt):

1. References/testimonials from patients including contact data for verification
2. An overview (list) of applicable laws, references and regulations and respective translations to English and evidence on compliance with the regulations.
3. References and evidence for insurances, liability, and other applicable legal documents.
4. Policy on patient complaint management.
5. Published balance sheets of the last two years.
6. Evidence for legal registration of the company.

The quality program cannot and has no intention to replace national and international legislation. The present standard relies on and considers national laws as part of the quality criteria. Where national regulation is lacking or allows further interpretation and optimization the present standard defines respective roles and responsibilities aiming at being a standard of best practice and a guideline to ensure high quality services from medical tourism companies’ side and to support transparency, ethics, patient safety, and continuity of care for medical travellers worldwide.

The Diplomatic Council , a United Nations (UN) accredited NGO, recently assessed and approved the Temos “Quality in International Medical Travel Coordination” program as the only acceptable quality program for facilitators and awards all Temos certified medical travel coordinators the “Preferred Medical Travel Coordinator” certificate and seal.

The guideline is available free of charge and can be downloaded from the Temos website . For further information and to apply for the “Quality in International Medical Travel Coordination” program please visit the Temos Website, get in contact with us via info@temos-international.com or call us +49 2204 426480.

First Temos certificates for “Quality in International Medical Travel Coordination” awarded to: FirstMed Services and Dental Travel

Participants from 29 countries joined this year’s Temos Conference in Berlin and attended the presentation of the first two certificates for “Quality in International Medical Travel Coordination” awarded to FirstMed Services GmbH, Germany and Dental Travel GmbH, Switzerland, represented by Mrs. Eszter Jopp, CEO of both companies.

Both companies have been working with their quality teams on the realization of the Temos standard and respective quality requirements and could provide detailed and comprehensive evidence for a transparent, trustworthy and traceable service offer for dental patients from Germany, Italy, Switzerland and other countries looking for dental treatment in Hungary.

“The cooperation with Temos has enabled us to clarify our pursuit of quality. With Temos we have found a possibility to measure our aim within a tightly controlled frame, starting from the first contact and the precare of our patients up to the aftercare and check-ups” states Eszter Jopp, CEO of FirstMed Services and Dental Travel. She further adds: “Due to the certification process, we could continue to develop and stabilize our existing internal structures. In this context, we could integrate our continuous quality management in our day-to-day business.”

“With the certification of FirstMed Services and Dental Travel Temos reached a milestone for the quality in international patient management” said Dr. Claudia Mika, Founder and CEO of Temos International and adds: “Since both facilitator companies do cooperate with a Temos certified dental clinic in Hungary (Cosmodent in Budapest) continuity of care can be assured for the complete treatment cycle”.


















Photo left: Dr. Claudia Mika (CEO Temos International)
right: Eszter Jopp (CEO FirstMed Services, Dental Travel GmbH)







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