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May 20, 2016: Workshops and training in Cali and Medellin, Colombia Print E-mail

In cooperation with the Cali Chamber of Commerce, Medellin Chamber of Commerce, Geomedical S.A.S., iNNpulsa Colombia, the clusters “Excelencia Clinica”, “Cluster Servicios de Medicina Y Odontologia”, Medesalud, Aerosanidad and supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (01DN16012) a first two day’s workshop took place on 04 and 05 May in Cali, Colombia. Another workshop took place in Medellin, Colombia on 13 May. The aim of the workshops was a knowledge transfer for the optimization of medical and non-clinical services of the cluster members based on international bibliography, international standards for hospital accreditation, and Temos International experience.

The participants received information from Juan Pablo Salazar (MD, Geomedical) and Dr. Claudia Mika (CEO Temos International), exchanged about their experience and discussed about existing and future challenges in international patient management in Colombian hospitals and clinics.


From 06 to 13 May all participating cluster members were visited by the expert team to individually work on the options and medical tourism strategy as well as to find out about further potential for improvements. In a second visit on May 2017 the developments and achievement will be evaluated in a second workshop onsite in Cali, Colombia.




















Source: Temos International GmbH





May 18, 2016: Genesis Obstetrics Gynecology Surgery Hospital Thessaloniki, Greece certified Print E-mail

In 3,6 hectares in Elaiones, Pylea and with a view to the entire Thessaloniki, Genesis Hospital created a high technology hospital, which stretches over 18,000 square meters having 116 beds for general and specialized hospitalization.

Genesis is the first mixed (obstetrics – gynecology – surgery) private Women’s Hospital in Thessaloniki, the outcome of the fruitful collaboration between two complementary sides, a wide team of gynecologists in the city of Thessaloniki and Euromedica Health Group.


The two assessors from Germany appreciated the modern medical, technological, electrical engineering and building premises, giving particular emphasis on the sector of hospitality and total quality of services.

The hospital is located in a quiet area, only 15 minutes’ drive frοm Thessaloniki International Airport and a few minutes from the city’s center. Besides a driver services for international patients, 220 parking lots are available for visitors and doctors 24 hours a day.


Congratulations to the Temos “Quality in International Patient Care – Maternity and Obstetrics” certification and quality seal!

For further information please visit our Hospital and Clinic Guide or the hospital’s website that is available in Greek and English.


























Source: Temos International GmbH

May 17, 2016: Ibn Al-Haytham Hospital Amman, Jordan re-certified Print E-mail

Ibn Al-Haytham Hospital, which opened in 1996 and which has continuously been renovated since them strives to provide high quality medical, technical and non-clinical services with a capacity of approx. 200 beds. The hospital was classified as a tertiary care service provider and cooperates with numerous specialists from all medical disciplines.


The Temos assessors from France and Germany visited the hospital for three days and were pleased about the excellent cooperation onsite.

Patients can expect a high quality level for medical and non-clinical services before, during and after the treatment onsite.


The administration of Ibn Al-Haytham Hospital is seeking access to the highest levels of medical and scientific development in line with the specifications and standards, and strives to achieve and provide quality health services in all medical fields to serve the people of Jordan, the Arab world, and international patients worldwide. The assessors found a team of kind, considerate and experienced staff, good facilities, and a reassuring level of quality in medical treatment, technical equipment and nursing.


For further information please visit our Hospital and Clinic Guide or the hospital’s website .


























Source: Temos International GmbH

May 7, 2016: US medical travel coordinator A&K Global Health Temos certified Print E-mail

Congratulations to A&K Global Health on the successful pass of the Temos “Quality in International Medical Travel Coordination” program. A&K passed the certification program as a grade A medical travel coordinator; the highest possible rating in the Temos certification system.


A&K Global Health strives to provide 5-star service from arrival at the patient’s treatment destination to follow up care after the patient returns home.

This includes travel packages with varying levels of care, but all of the medical travel services meet A&K Global Health 5-Star standard ideals, which include:

  • Instilling confidence that the patient’s decisions make the most financial sense for him/her.
  • Implementing ethical, transparent processes.
  • Employing a model that works directly with individuals in destination and departure countries, which allows A&K Global Health to offer better travel options that are sensitive to the unique cultural, social, and economic needs of each patient.

A&K Global health works with nonprofits, government agencies, and insurance companies to help offset the cost of medical care, if needed.

For further information please visit our Medical Travel Coordination Guide or the website of A&K Global Health and meet the colleagues from A&K Global Health at the IMTJ Summit in Madrid from 24 to 26 May.


May 5, 2016: Mediterraneo Hospital Athens re-certified Print E-mail

Mediterraneo Hospital is a private tertiary care hospital founded in 2000. It is a 164-bed state of the art general hospital, situated in Glyfada, south of Athens.

Renovated in 2010 Mediterraneo Hospital today covers an area of 12.000 square meters and offers its services as a modern diagnostic, surgical and nursing center with state of the art premises, wards, rooms, and 11 operating theatres, two state of the art angiography suites for invasive cardiology, electrophysiology, and other procedures, as well as a hybrid surgical room.

Mediterraneo Hospital provide specialized medical services in areas such as: bariatric surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, cardiology, invasive cardiology, interventional & therapeutic neuroradiology, neurology, neurosurgery, vascular surgery, ENT, endocrinology, gastroenterology, general surgery, breast unit, gynecology, oncology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, internal medicine, renal dialysis, rheumatology, urology.

The assessors from Germany, Greece and Jordan found a well-managed hospital, highly motivated and experienced hospital staff at Mediterraneo Hospital which is well prepared for international patients.

The patient rooms are well equipped including own bathroom, phone, TV, air condition, and internet access. Patient rooms are twin or single-bed rooms; further deluxe accommodation as well as suites are available. Patients appreciate the arts on the walls of the wards and the patient rooms which underlines the personal touch and pleasant atmosphere within the hospital.

For further information please visit our Hospital and Clinic Guide or the center’s website.















Source: Temos International

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